ELSA Novi Sad

About ELSA Novi Sad

In our country ELSA exists since 1987 and it is a full-right member of ELSA International. ELSA Serbia consists of four local groups at universities in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Niš.

ELSA Novi Sad exists at the Faculty of Law Novi Sad since 1996 and is a full-right member of ELSA Serbia.

Among the various activities of ELSA Novi Sad, the following are the most popular:

  •  “Lawyers at work”
  • The Debate Club and Motivation Seminars
  • Diplomatic Days at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad – introducing the princips of diplomacy and different types of culture (UN, Switzerland, Cuba, Peru, Iran, Israel and Spain have been presented so far and the project is to be continued… )
  •  Rethoric Competition
  • Study visit projects
  •  STEP